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Dark Plasma is a hybrid cannabis strain with a slight indica dominance that was created in 2016 by Ocean Grown Seeds. Its genetics combine the Forum cut of Girl Scout Cookies and Obi Wan OG Kush, producing colorful flowers with long orange pistils, higher than average trichome production, and phenomenal overall bag appeal. Dark Plasma is a little fluffy, which helps the aroma vent, carrying what seem like polarizing smells of sweet cookies combined with diesel fuel. It has a rather short flowering period of about 7 to 8 weeks and produces a medium yield.


Dark Plasma has a fast and heavy onset with a bit of amp. Its effects can be felt behind the eyes and creep towards a stony, full body high. Novice users as well as over-consumption can make its stress and pain relieving properties reversed, due to an excess of THC. It is most often used in the afternoon or evening.

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